Male Infertility Causes Recommend By Las Vegas Backpage Girls

Male Infertility Causes

Male infertility is increasingly becoming a common issue. Unfortunately, many people overlook this issue. Today, there are many men facing infertility but they are afraid to come out openly about it. Instead, such men are turning to activities like drinking alcohol and hanging out with backpage body rub Las Vegas girls to cover up their problem. But, what exactly causes male infertility? Here are the major causes of male infertility.

Sperm Quantity

Some men produce semen with fewer or no sperms at all. This affects the fertility of a man because low or absence of sperms means that semen can’t fertilize a female egg. This is simply called low sperm count. Essentially, a man whose sperms are not more than 15 million in one milliliter of his semen has a low sperm count. A sperm analysis can help a man determine whether he has a low sperm count which could be the cause of his infertility.

Sperm Quality

Quality of sperms can be the cause of infertility. For instance, abnormal sperm and sperm mobility affects the fertility of a man. A decrease in sperm mobility affects sperm quality because it makes it hard for sperms to reach a female egg in order to fertilize it. Abnormal sperm has many unexplained factors. However, this can be due to things like an abnormal shape which makes movement of the sperm to fertilize a female egg difficult. A sperm analysis can help you determine your sperm quality.

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